10x As Hard!

If you’re ‘like me’ then you have heard the saying, “you have to work 10 times as hard and be 10 times as good.”  I not only heard this saying from my mom, but also from people who know me personally, those who know of my goals and aspirations, etc.  From top to bottom they have all reiterated that I have to be better than the rest.  So back to the first sentence of this post, if you’re like me.  What does that mean?  Well as a young man, pause, a young black man that is what I mean when I say like me.  As a young black man I heard these sayings, I believed it, but IDK if I understood this saying in its entirety.

I am a black in the world they call corporate and now, more than ever I understand what they meant.  You have to be smart, but not just smart you have to be smart with a twist, be understanding, positive, etc. etc.  To be successful in this world and be a black man, you have to be those listed items plus 10, or 100 lol, take your pick in between.  Even with that pressure and expectation, there is no excuse for us not to succeed.  As those standards raise, so should we as black men.  I wasn’t raised with excuses so I won’t give myself any.

As I walk into these businesses and buss my ass to get jobs other people can sleep walk into, as I buss my ass to gain respect for my intelligence I have to be 10 steps ahead.  It’s not fair and I do get those weird looks as I walk in business meetings.  But I knew that anyway because they already told me that, “you have to work 10 times as hard,” remember.

I don’t take lightly anything my name is attached to, meaning it has to be of the best quality and my best work.  It means when they say business casual, for me it is still suit and ties.  That extra mile is not only a great look, but damn near a requirement for US.  I’m writing this because I want our young men to accept this challenge, embrace it and overall win.

Overall success is measured by self, what you view as a success is what determines your evaluation of self.  Just know that whatever you choose to do in your life, you must work 10X As Hard, but don’t worry, we’ve been doing this for years.

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