A Dreamer's Dream

What does it mean to follow your dreams?  And when I say follow your dreams, I mean go all in for what you truly believe is destined for you.  What does this mean?  It's more than just a dream, it is the effort, it is faith, it is willing to endure the pain of failure and knowing that you have to keep on pushing forward!  


Effort:  This is something that I wrote about in a previous blog.  Your effort is something that should never be questioned.  Understand that to go all in on your dreams requires the utmost attention and grind.  Put forth your best efforts to bring your beliefs to life.

Faith:  You have to believe in something other than yourself.  Something that will keep you focused and your spirits at a high!  Faith that when you do fail, that will not be the end of your story.

Keep Pushing:  When you go all in on your dreams, you have no backup plan.  This shit is all or nothing and you must continue to push.  

I was inspired to write this blog post because someone that I call my brother is taking a leap that has motivated me!  This upcoming Friday, June 29th he will be leaving his place of employment in corporate America to follow his dreams.  Migrating from the corporate world to a full-time entrepreneur will not be easy and he knows it, as scary as the journey will be I think it refreshing to find someone who is willing to take the risks on themselves.  I couldn't be more happier for him because as long as I have known him this has certainly felt like a long time coming.  He is one of my many motivation pieces and watching him turn into the millionaire is only making me pick up my pace to do the same lol.  They say you are an average of those who are close to you and to have him on my team helps because I know we all push each other for excellence.  My brother, my dawg, tear this shit up and I will meet you on the road to success!

To those dreamers, never give up and continue to push thru!!