A Dreamer's Dream

What does it mean to follow your dreams?  And when I say follow your dreams, I mean go all in for what you truly believe is destined for you.  What does this mean?  It's more than just a dream, it is the effort, it is faith, it is willing to endure the pain of failure and knowing that you have to keep on pushing forward!  


Effort:  This is something that I wrote about in a previous blog.  Your effort is something that should never be questioned.  Understand that to go all in on your dreams requires the utmost attention and grind.  Put forth your best efforts to bring your beliefs to life.

Faith:  You have to believe in something other than yourself.  Something that will keep you focused and your spirits at a high!  Faith that when you do fail, that will not be the end of your story.

Keep Pushing:  When you go all in on your dreams, you have no backup plan.  This shit is all or nothing and you must continue to push.  

I was inspired to write this blog post because someone that I call my brother is taking a leap that has motivated me!  This upcoming Friday, June 29th he will be leaving his place of employment in corporate America to follow his dreams.  Migrating from the corporate world to a full-time entrepreneur will not be easy and he knows it, as scary as the journey will be I think it refreshing to find someone who is willing to take the risks on themselves.  I couldn't be more happier for him because as long as I have known him this has certainly felt like a long time coming.  He is one of my many motivation pieces and watching him turn into the millionaire is only making me pick up my pace to do the same lol.  They say you are an average of those who are close to you and to have him on my team helps because I know we all push each other for excellence.  My brother, my dawg, tear this shit up and I will meet you on the road to success!

To those dreamers, never give up and continue to push thru!!




Relationships with Grandparents

The older I get the more I come to value those conversations with my grandmothers.  As a kid I didn't truly appreciate them as I should I just knew that for most of my life I was their favorite grandchild as I was the only one for so long.  Lol that right there put me in their good graces.  

My grandma on my moms side has always been very loving, attentive and pro-me, but she has also always been brutally honest with me since I could remember.  I never took some of her spats or disagreements with my decisions the way I took it when those same comments may have come from my mom.  Maybe her approach was different?  Or maybe I just knew better than to test my granny? lol  Either way she always stated reasons why she would feel a certain way, that made it easy for me to accept and reconsider my approach.  I mean, she was and still is highly respected in all facets that she involves herself in so I definitely appreciate that she has helped mold me into a listener.  I know that I can call my grandmother any day at any time and just talk, about life, about love, about anything.  It is quite a satisfying and calming feeling because I get the feeling that my transition from a child to an adult is respected and considered when she has conversations with me.  I tell my granny I spend to much money and she can combat that with stories of her not being financially responsible after first making some real money to make me feel better.  After the story she tells me what she did to start saving too lol.  

As I get older I understand certain things and the dynamics that go along with them, the relationships that I have with my grandmothers is something that I am grateful to have and understand.  I hope that for all of you, your relationship with your grandparents is something that is truly valuable.  




Tech Slaves

Crazy how attached we are to our technology, phones, computers, tablets etc. etc.  After being without my personal computer for about 3 weeks, I have definitely noticed just how attached to my computer I am.  A slight crack in the interior of my MacBook not only took my out of commission but had me being less productive overall.  For someone looking to expand a business involving society, culture, fashion, etc., that is not a good look.  No excuses for my slackin' to post or keep updates coming, but I am now seeing just how much I rely on technology from my own point of view. 

I always thought of myself as partially addicted, lol if that is possible.  Not too involved with the scrolls and very particular with posts, most of them never including my face or location at the moment.  All that went out the window when I was without my personal computer.  Even with this issue, I was able to tap into my resourceful bag.  That was the true key to success during this stint.  While not posting blogs, I have been able keep the LimitlessLifestyleCrew Social Media up to par and even featured on a couple of podcasts, most notably Kickxerella Radio.  I'd hope you check out the content and you can be sure that more is certainly on the way! 




Are You Ready To Take The Next Step?


The next step.  Are you ready to take the next step?  Are you prepared for what comes with your added responsibility? The challenge is to prepare yourself mentally as that has to be the mainstay of your continued growth.  Mentality is everything and for myself, I have always believe in energy, positive or negative.  The energy you put out to the world is the energy you will get back.  Now there are times when you may receive the opposite of what you give off but then it goes back to mentality.  Are you a mentally positive person?  Do you believe in yourself and your abilities to conquer whatever it is you set your mind to?  A challenge is just that but the overall outcome depends on you.  The next step is only one step away, but in that one step you must be prepared to take on the road less traveled and be ready for the obstacles that are included with that.  Everybody talks the game, not everyone can play it though.  Push forward.





Commitment to Greatness, Success

From this day forward, whatever that day is YOU read this post, pledge a commitment to YOUrself.  In that commitment, pledge for greatness and success.  There is no reason why YOU shouldn’t want both of these for YOU.  And as I write this I want to make sure YOU understand who I am telling, YOU, to go after greatness and success.  YOU, yes YOU.  This commitment is to challenge YOUrself and is for self growth and eventual satisfaction.  Who YOU do it for that is not YOUrself does not matter right now.  We gotta want it!!  Let’s get a bit selfish and push forward to our commitment because personally, we want it.