Tech Slaves

Crazy how attached we are to our technology, phones, computers, tablets etc. etc.  After being without my personal computer for about 3 weeks, I have definitely noticed just how attached to my computer I am.  A slight crack in the interior of my MacBook not only took my out of commission but had me being less productive overall.  For someone looking to expand a business involving society, culture, fashion, etc., that is not a good look.  No excuses for my slackin' to post or keep updates coming, but I am now seeing just how much I rely on technology from my own point of view. 

I always thought of myself as partially addicted, lol if that is possible.  Not too involved with the scrolls and very particular with posts, most of them never including my face or location at the moment.  All that went out the window when I was without my personal computer.  Even with this issue, I was able to tap into my resourceful bag.  That was the true key to success during this stint.  While not posting blogs, I have been able keep the LimitlessLifestyleCrew Social Media up to par and even featured on a couple of podcasts, most notably Kickxerella Radio.  I'd hope you check out the content and you can be sure that more is certainly on the way! 




Art Of The Hustle

The Art of The Hustle can include many different components as to what can make your hustle(s) successful but the one thing that is a must, is indeed, mindset. It is easy for tons of people to talk about living the life through the hustle and grind, not so easy for anybody is actually putting in the effort.  This is why there is importance in mindset.  You must understand that within the hustle, an L is all part of the game.  Like Meek said, wins and losses are a part of the process.

From the information I gather listening to different interviews or reading articles that include whom I consider muse's, something that points out is one not limiting themselves to a certain area.  If you research these two, you will clearly see their hustle is spread out.  I don't believe in placing limits on opportunity and in the same sense, I am learning not to place limits on ideas.  The hustle includes being open and that may mean using different exports, actually taking those ideas that pop up in your head and planning them out to success.  I look at a business mind such as Maverick and see that he has been able to seek and utilize the moment at the right time.  The aspect of even understanding when the timing is right to bring an idea to fruition is something we underrate, let alone preparing yourself to be ready when it's time.  The business moves he has propelled for himself and others in his camp such as a LeBron James is a testament to his study of what he can bring to the market.  As it comes to Big Shaq, yes the retired NBA Hall of Famer, he is involved in everything.  Being an brand ambassador, partial owner, etc., his name is involved in tons of not only profitable businesses, but businesses who have claimed stake in the market so that they have been  and will be around a while.  Reading about Shaq and what he calls his 10 rules allows me to see what has made him successful even off of the hardwood.  His hustle is definitely respected.  Find some sort of muse, believe in yourself, and take advantage of your ideas!  The hustle never stops!

Shaq's Top 10 Rules for Success and Business

1) Follow Your Heart

2) Use Criticism As Motivation

3) Focus On The Solution

4) Master Being Different

5) Dedicate Yourself 1000 Percent

6) Be Motivated By Competition

7) Value Partnerships

8) Make Them Remember Your Name

9) Be An Inspiration

10) Have Fun


One thing that I would certainly suggest in building up your mindset, motivation, confidence, etc. is to find a muse or few.  A muse is important because as you aim to push for a better you, whether it be physically, mentally, spiritually or whatever, you need to have a space of thoughts to help push you.  When you seek to create, finding pits of inspiration is key so maybe it is just meditation, or maybe you have a physical muse.  For myself, I have noticed that I have found muses in the form of businessmen in the sports world, more specifically Maverick Carter and Shaquille O'Neal.  As a source of inspiration for my continued journey of growth, business, and brand influence, I look and listen to how these two move within the various industries they are in.

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10x As Hard!

If you’re ‘like me’ then you have heard the saying, “you have to work 10 times as hard and be 10 times as good.”  I not only heard this saying from my mom, but also from people who know me personally, those who know of my goals and aspirations, etc.  From top to bottom they have all reiterated that I have to be better than the rest.  So back to the first sentence of this post, if you’re like me.  What does that mean?  Well as a young man, pause, a young black man that is what I mean when I say like me.  As a young black man I heard these sayings, I believed it, but IDK if I understood this saying in its entirety.

I am a black in the world they call corporate and now, more than ever I understand what they meant.  You have to be smart, but not just smart you have to be smart with a twist, be understanding, positive, etc. etc.  To be successful in this world and be a black man, you have to be those listed items plus 10, or 100 lol, take your pick in between.  Even with that pressure and expectation, there is no excuse for us not to succeed.  As those standards raise, so should we as black men.  I wasn’t raised with excuses so I won’t give myself any.

As I walk into these businesses and buss my ass to get jobs other people can sleep walk into, as I buss my ass to gain respect for my intelligence I have to be 10 steps ahead.  It’s not fair and I do get those weird looks as I walk in business meetings.  But I knew that anyway because they already told me that, “you have to work 10 times as hard,” remember.

I don’t take lightly anything my name is attached to, meaning it has to be of the best quality and my best work.  It means when they say business casual, for me it is still suit and ties.  That extra mile is not only a great look, but damn near a requirement for US.  I’m writing this because I want our young men to accept this challenge, embrace it and overall win.

Overall success is measured by self, what you view as a success is what determines your evaluation of self.  Just know that whatever you choose to do in your life, you must work 10X As Hard, but don’t worry, we’ve been doing this for years.

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