The Food Court "A Trip To Miami"


A recent trip to the Fort Lauderdale, Florida seemed to be of great adventure and great benefit to me who is as of recent a huge fan of Cuban food.  Upon arrival, fresh off of a flight, a friend and me ventured off before checking in to our hotel at the famous Nuevos Cubano's.  You might be saying that you never heard of it but guess what, Scarface knows and that's what matters lol.  No seriously, the movie Scarface used this restaurant as a scene in the movie and it wasn't until several bites into my Cuban style steak sandwich that I realized the Scarface picture hanging on the kitchen walls.

What did I eat?  Well as stated earlier I delighted myself to the steak sandwich with fries.  I also added the hot sauce because I enjoy hot & spicy food lol.  The sandwich was quite tasty although I wish my steak was cooked a bit more.  The seasoning was able to overcome that small issue.  The fries were fries but the level of freshness in the sandwich made this trip worthwhile.  No alcoholic beverages for me this time lol, but I enjoyed not only the food but the scenery as well.  Enjoy these pictures and shouts to FLL!