Nike, SNKRS, ATLANTA: The Wait Is Over

As an avid shoe collector and overall connoisseur of sneakers, the time has finally come for ATL to get some real love from Nike. I am a resident of ATL as well so for me to even understand how Atlanta has been overlooked for their since of fashion, style and love of sneakers has been beyond me for the longest. And for Nike to have shown so much love to New York, Los Angeles and occasionally Chicago via SNKRS Pass etc., I’ll admit that I am happy as hell to be a resident of Atlanta right now and extremely happy that the city that brings so much when it comes to the trends being set in what people call the “Culture” gets the well deserved notoriety. This is without question long overdue.

On to the SNKRS pop-up! For about two months Nike has provided a SKRS pop up in Atlanta that will give sneaker enthusiasts and resellers as well a chance to get their hands on some of the hottest releases both past and present. The news about the pop-up for a few people were rather sudden, but for those in the know, it was expected. Either way, the crowd control was going to be tough to handle, especially with the Super Bowl being being in Atlanta this year. The opportunity to make some serious money is certainly there.

February and March are expected to be highly anticipated in the world of sneakers with the final installment of The Ten Off-White collab, NBA All-Star Weekend amongst other pairs. Scheduled to be in Atlanta until March 26th will give plenty of opportunities to stay A-1 in the sneaker game.

Lastly, I want to say it’s about to Nike and also I hope this isn’t a 1 stop shop. The city of Atlanta deserves more exclusives and special drops just like the before named cities. If you’re in the city and would like to stop by the SNKRS pop-up, the address is right below.

711 10th Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

LLC Out!!


Tech Slaves

Crazy how attached we are to our technology, phones, computers, tablets etc. etc.  After being without my personal computer for about 3 weeks, I have definitely noticed just how attached to my computer I am.  A slight crack in the interior of my MacBook not only took my out of commission but had me being less productive overall.  For someone looking to expand a business involving society, culture, fashion, etc., that is not a good look.  No excuses for my slackin' to post or keep updates coming, but I am now seeing just how much I rely on technology from my own point of view. 

I always thought of myself as partially addicted, lol if that is possible.  Not too involved with the scrolls and very particular with posts, most of them never including my face or location at the moment.  All that went out the window when I was without my personal computer.  Even with this issue, I was able to tap into my resourceful bag.  That was the true key to success during this stint.  While not posting blogs, I have been able keep the LimitlessLifestyleCrew Social Media up to par and even featured on a couple of podcasts, most notably Kickxerella Radio.  I'd hope you check out the content and you can be sure that more is certainly on the way! 




Nike Slated for a Huge February

It’s Gotta Be The Shoes

If you know me, then you know that I have always had a special, special love for shoes.  My biggest vice has and will probably always be shoes.  I have always been considered a collector or the knowledge guru when it comes to shoes.  And it doesn’t have to be the shoes that I purchase for myself, but those rare pieces that I know may not be commonly attainable as well.  There is art and appreciation in the concept, build, precision, look etc., etc. that shoes bring to me personally.  Something that I have always valued. 


For me, the storyline behind why designs and specific colors are selected is always awesome to learn.  This is a great way to take a look at the thought process in the creation of a shoe.  For those into the engineering aspect of things of course this provides you some satisfaction.  And then colors, why are certain colors picked for this shoe or that shoe.  All of this is something that interest me.


The overlooked benefit in this seems to be the aspect of building relationships, meeting new people and the overall fellowship that takes place.  Today, the sneakerhead culture is as known and prevalent as it has ever been thanks to the growing interest in the likes of social media and non-direct marketing from the consumers.  But for me, an old school guy who has been in this sneaker game a nice while, I appreciate the going in to a store or boutique or waiting outside in a line with dozens of other people where conversation is key!  You get to talk to the people who sell these shoes to you, meet them while meeting others that share the same passion as you do.  All in all, these are the moments that make the culture is as great as what it is.

Rockin’ The Footwear

The reason for all of the build up, or anything else involving the shoe, is to actually rock the shoe.  And for me that is the crowning moment, being able to put on a shoe and have it be an attention grabber, or have the shoe display how you are feeling at the time.  That energy knowing that your shoe is grabbing attention is something I can’t explain.  So I use the shoes I have as a display of emotions and feelings.  Looking at my shoes can say a ton about how I may be feeling at the time.  


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