NCAA March Madness, A U.S. Holiday


March Madness is here. The kickoff for March Madness is probably one of the most anticipated weekends for sports lovers. Hell, even those who are not sports lovers can enjoy this weekend because college ties may be near. And for those who are in the work force, it is not uncommon to hear large commotion or even see a gathering of fellow coworkers huddled around laptops, in the break room etc. to watch some of the games. Starting at noon on a Thursday with games virtually until midnight for four days straight, man for someone who lovers basketball like I do, it’s bliss lmao.

I have always found collegiate sports more interesting than professional. There is something to be said about these young individuals playing with the pressure of pressures and the world watching. This is also a time where you see those players who are top dawgs put on the best of shows. Earn your respect and possibly earn a chance at the next level!

March Madness is here.

Basketball Season Is Here!!!


Anticipation of the next basketball season is certainly heavy in my household, I make sure of that lol. Whether we are talking College Basketball, the NBA or my favorite, High School basketball. This time of year where the expectations are high for everyone is one of the most exciting times in the season because of the unknown.

Let’s take a look at the college level. For someone as myself who is not a Duke fan I have to admit I am anxious to see these freshmen ball. Vandy will be a team that I certainly watch because I have been watching Darius Garland for the last few years. Expectations for Kentucky are still there and their roster includes some Ga talent I am familiar with. And even with all of this said, I am and have always been a part of Tar Heel Nation, so let’s get it!!

Next, we take a look at the NBA level and the biggest elephant in the room is LeBron in a Laker jersey. I must admit, a few preseason games in and I still can’t believe it. Boston looks destined to run the East but I’m sure the 76ers have something to say about that. Teams I’m looking forward to watching include the Bucks, Suns, Cavs and many more. Oh, and I still believe that Dub Nation will win again with Boogie.

Finally, let’s talk some High School basketball. There is a ton of good talent in each class and the incoming freshmen class has nothing but good reviews. For me, I will be paying close attention to the 2020 class as I think it is certainly a special group. Being here in Atlanta is a benefit when it comes to this because the Southeast area host several of the top tournaments in the country such as Holiday Hoopsgiving, Chic Fil A Classic and City of Palms to name a few. Also, as far as the Senior class I see a ton of unfinished business as the #1 spot is certainly up for grabs amongst about 4 or 5 players. Just a FYI, I’m going with Cole Anthony.

Like I said, this time of year is hopeful not just to the teams participating, but even for those who love to analyze and breakdown the game like myself. And the cherry on top? The sneakers!! Cheers to basketball season!!

Social Media's Impact on High School Basketball Pt. 1

One thing that I have noticed over my years of watching High School basketball is the dedication that these young individuals have put into their craft.  Maybe it's just social media, but it certainly seems that these young individuals are will to put in the work to get to the next level.  

Don't get my wrong, I know that there have always been young talented players who have put in the NBA level type of work on their way to being future All-Americans, Division 1 athletes, NBA All-Stars but it definitely seems to be at a higher rate than when I was in High School.  I did attend HS and played basketball with one of the top players in the country across all recruiting sites and believe me that same work was not the case back then.  In fact, I get kind of upset knowing that I did not suggest and push him (us) to be in the gym more to actually get reps that would imporve our game as players!  I'm not saying we didn't hoop at all, we did and it was more so in open gyms 5v5.  This helps for conditioning but does not necessarily tend to your solo gains as a player.  The one thing I do know is if I pushed my brotha and went to the gym with him, he would be in the NBA no doubt!  But hey that is a post for another time.

What I do know is I definitely respect and am encouraged by these young players based on their dedication to get better.  It's funny because for better or worse, social media has had an impact on what we see from the players.  As a teenager who strives to be one of the top players in the country, you would be hard-pressed to sit at home relaxing while you see even the most elite of players in the gym, daily, early as 5 AM improving upon their craft.  So for as much as social media may have hurt our youth talent, this is a part that I truly appreciate!  

Apply Pressure!



PG2 Playstation


As someone who plays basketball and who is certainly about their fashion, I have a great appreciation for bold collaborations that are executed beautifully.  The latest installment for that has come in the form of a collaboration between Nike and Sony.  Nike signature athlete Paul George of the NBA is the self-proclaimed biggest gamer in the league and his console of choice is the Playstation.  With Paul George coming off one of the hottest signature shoe introductions in a long time, Nike and PG-13 were certainly looking to bring out the new silhouette with a bang and by hooking up with Sony to break out the PG2, they did just that. 


Now this release of the PG2 Playstation was extremely limited and only came out in just over a handful of locations.  Releasing on February 10 via Nike SNKRS App and a couple Foot Locker stores both by like of the draw style, chances were definitely slim.  As for me, I struck out just like the majority but then can another chances with the release at Nike ATL.  After entering an in-store draw and winning I was able to secure a pair.

Right off of the back I was highly impressed with the precision and smooth outcome of this pair.  The navy blue and black combo hits perfectly along with the Playstation details within the shoe.  Patent leather surrounds the heel of the shoe with signature Playstation controller triangles, circles, squares and Xs embroidered in.  4 Playstation color themed Nike checks are on the outside and inside of the midsoles of the shoe.  Also included on the outsole are glow-in-the-dark pods and a Playstation voucher with special Paul George themes on the heel tab.  Not to be outdone are the tongues on the show that light up with the press of a button.  While I'm not quite sure of the battery life within this feature I have heard around 150 hours.


Overall I must say that the execution is top notch and actually am excited to see what is next between the trio.  As an owner of an off-white PS4, could that colorway be up next?