Miami Vice: For the Travelers


Take trips, when your schedule allows and to wherever you would like to go.  Be spontaneous and be open to new adventures.  This mindset has helped me for the last three years of my life and from time to time, because of my work I am able to travel on the company dollar lol.  

miami 2.JPG

Recently I visited Florida, Miami Beach to be exact on my way to a company event in the city.  This was my second time in Miami and still, going to some of my go-tos spots in the city felt just as refreshing as the first time and having a chance to soak up the sun on the beach with my beauty was awesome as well.  


During my first trip I was not able to visit the beach because of TOA, but this time I did and quickly understood the love and infatuation with being in such an environment.  And one thing I never miss a beat on is finding new food spots to try.  As a solid recommendation, visit the Bodega in South Beach if you enjoy Mexican food like I do!

With love, see you again Miami!!