Celebrate Life

To know me is to know that I personally don't actually like the big celebrations of personal birthdays, holidays or things of that nature.  Hell to me its just another day under the sun and I try to live each day with enjoyment so the actual planning of parties and all that I'm cool on.  Also, I'm a person who always wants to make sure that everybody that I'm around is having a good time so often times their enjoyment comes before mine if I do end up getting out.  While not the worst thing in the world it does certainly keep me from totally letting loose lol.

Well this time it was a bit different.  This year, 2018, I reached the age of 29 years young, I am definitely calling it young now because I'm apart of the club, before me being 29, I wouldn't call it so.  This year, I wanted to get out with some of my closest friends and family, have a nice day and night out on the town of Atlanta.  First DussePalooza and then to Trap Karaoke, two events I would take part in if it wasn't my date of birth.  Saturday started as they usually do for me, early morning errands and then a trip to the gym to hoop.  


So I come home and feel good about my early day routine and get started with the pregame festivities.  My lady made sure I had some turn up before leaving the house and maybe I did my part and hers in partaking.  We got to the Palooza and everything was fine, and then after a few adult beverages, things went south lol.  And I mean way south.  If you have never been to a 'insert drink name' palooza, these are events where the liquor is steadily available, like all you can drink.  So after a couple of visits to the bar, I didn't feel the turn of event coming, but when it came, I was out of commission.  Literally, lol not able to walk or stand up straight.  I mean I have been intoxicated before, but not at this level in front of this crowd of people lol.  And it was only about 6:30, crazy right.  Ended up not making it to Trap Karaoke because I shut down.  But you know what?  I can say for the time I was awake I did truly enjoy myself and am grateful for those family and friends that came out too.


Sunday was a bit calmer, most of it spent recovering and watching Marvel movies.  But the midday action included a dinner date to Atlanta's well know Sun Dial Restaurant which is probably the best view in the city, and of the city in general.  Let me say, I enjoyed every bit of it, including the food.  Of course this location being in the Westin is a bit more on the pricey side, but you know what, YOLO.  I would definitely recommend this restaurant and location in general as there is a ton to do even outside of the hotel and restaurant.  But when you do go, treat yourself to a delicious Caesar Salad.  This salad was without question one of the better salads I have had and to me know is to know I love Caesars.


The moral of this blog is to enjoy life, and don't forget to celebrate a little bit while you can.  We spend a lot of time worrying and trying to fix this or that, but we don't take the proper time to treat ourselves.  Something I strongly encourage.